Kirk Park

Thanksgiving Sunset

Thanksgiving Sunset, photo by wizardkitten.

It’s been 2 weeks since the last Michigan shoreline tour stop at Holland (feels like 2 weeks since I last got on the Michigan shoreline myself!).

While I didn’t find much about the history of Kirk Park at the page Google thinks is best, I did stumble onto this review of the Dune Ridge Trail at Kirk Park from Jim DuFresne’s Best Hikes with Children in Michigan Guide Book (there’s 80 hikes on that page – check it out):

There is a tendency at Kirk Park for children to head straight to the beach. They jump out of the car and hightail it down a paved path to Lake Michigan where they jump into the surf, roll in the sand, or get scorched by the sun. Then their parents take them home, usually waterlogged, sunburnt, and with half a dune in their bathing suits. Should have taken them hiking. At 66 acres and with 2000 feet of lakefront, this Ottawa County park is not large. In fact, it’s basically one dune. But it’s a large dune, and major renovations in the mid-1990s resulted in an intriguing 2-mile trail system over and around this towering hill of sand. The heart of the system is Dune Ridge Trail, a mile-long loop that climbs the hill and then circles the top to reward hikers with excellent views of Lake Michigan.

Cathleen says she likes this park and goes there quite a lot. After seeing her pictures and those from Thomas, Craig (who apparently heeded that “take the trails” advice), Katie, Holly and others, I can see why.

Here’s a Flickr map and also the entry for Kirk Park on our Absolute Michigan map of Michigan.

5 thoughts on “Kirk Park

  1. Thanks farlane- and yes, I agree with the “taking the trail walk” thought whole-heartedly.

    They have done a great job with the trails- you walk the steps to the top of the dune and find a nice sitting area where you can look out over the lake… absolutely beautiful!

    I like going out there in the off-season, after the crowds have gone. Very peaceful.


    1. Yes you can. My husband and I are having ours there this summer. (We got married in June 2009 at the courthouse and we’re doing the big wedding this June) I also had some of my senior pics done there a couple years ago. It’s gorgeous.


  2. Oh man, well I grew up in Holland, and Kirk Park was always great for swimming. This was back in the 90’s, so it was definitely not as busy, the whole boardwalk thing (ridiculous) was not there. There was also a path up that hill (on your left when you’re walking through the woods to the beach).


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