In the Pigeon River State Forest…


2007_0703July40155, photo by JJ Murletti.

I don’t know the name of this lake but was struck by just how peaceful it looks.

There’s a campground in the Pigeon River State Forest and lots and lots of trails. The DNR says that the Pigeon River Pine area has over 100 acres of white pine (most about 100 years old) and that the Dog Lake area is considered to be one of the most remote and wild areas in the region. Nesting loons, bald eagles, and osprey are a few of the many animals using the lakes.

The International Mountain Biking Association is quite taken with:

An awesome ribbon of trail looping through the heart of elk country, the High Country Pathway (HCP) embodies the classic definition of an IMBA Epic Ride. The first IMBA Epic Ride in Michigan will take you far into the backcountry with beautiful lowlands and panoramas in the highlands.

Be sure to outfit for self-support, as you may not see another human on this 80-mile soul searcher. The trail passes through a variety of woodlands and wetlands containing massive groves of silver beech, tamarack swamp and leather leaf bogs. The area is home to beaver, black bear, bobcat, pine martin, snowshoe hare, wood ducks, bald eagles, deer, wild turkey and the largest elk herd east of the Mississippi River.

4 thoughts on “In the Pigeon River State Forest…

  1. I took the photo while leading a group of adolescents on a therapeutic backpacking trip. It is called Section Four Lake and indeed is a beautiful and peaceful location. It is posted no swimming, fishing, or camping withing 200 yards as it is a sink hole lake with no input or output, and is being studied by the DNR…great little spot.



  2. Thanks for letting us know – it is indeed a beautiful spot. I had a report that it makes a great computer background as it has dark edges for icons.

    Loved your band.


  3. Ive been to this lake several times, It is posted no Boating, Fishing, or camping within 200 yards. It is one of the few this beautiful you can actually swim in! Its very deep, drops off quickly, and is a great snorkeling spot.


  4. I have gone to pigeon river country for 21 straight octobers with my dad and now i take my sons. sadly this year i can’t go, but my two son’s leave today for the annual trek without me. It is a special place for me. Thanks for the photos


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