Photos of Arts & Culture in Michigan

Art Museum

Art Museum, photo by I am Jacques Strappe.

Over at the Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club, Matt Callow posted an announcement from ArtServe Michigan. They are seeking:

…quality photographs that capture and document arts and culture in Michigan: the buildings where arts and culture takes place, artists at work in their studios or participating in festivals, community arts projects, arts and cultural activities indoors and out, arts educators in their classrooms, individuals of all ages engaged in arts and cultural activities, art festivals, audience moments, performance pieces, etc.

They hope to gather photographs from every county of the state to be included in a photo montage during the ceremony of the 2007 Governor’s Awards for Arts and Culture and for use in the event program. Photographs are due by September 14, 2007. Please click through for details on format and where to send the photos!

Marjorie says that this photo (which I think you should check out big) of the University of Michigan Museum of Art was taken during the Ann Arbor (likely in 2004) and that the kids of Ann Arbor are missing a slide as the sculpture has been dismantled. It was taken with a Holga, one of the many fine toy cameras, trash cams, cheap plastic point-and-shoots, pinholes, dollar store disposables, and junk store cameras wielded by the Crappy Camerians. Heck, they even discussed the merits of a Pop Tart Camera!

ArtServe MichiganArtServe Michigan is a statewide organization that builds support for the arts, artists, arts education, and cultural activities. They champion the arts across the state through advocacy and education programming and services to individual artists and cultural organizations and seek to support artists and arts organizations by increasing cultural audiences, linking businesses and the arts, and standing up for arts in education and state arts funding.

3 thoughts on “Photos of Arts & Culture in Michigan

  1. Don’t be to hard on your artists…remember art is not only spectator sport…it involves a proper viewing distance…sometimes, like many people we try to get in their and get to close…and the problem is we miss an oppertunity to expunge all the available datum that both comes out by a freudian Kinda’ slip or a genuiness that we have to appreciate to really get an indepth datum of the presentation…Like wise, noadays you really pay a premium for really low quality art supplies…oh yeh, you should just try to get a really hard ‘conte’ or a good if not totally oily pastel, a charcoal that not even a third grader would prefer to use…it’s not only an economic indicator …


  2. I’m saying we have a recurrence of mixed media because artist’s all over are frustrated with the amount and assualt on their materials in which they seek to use…they are trying their best to legitimate an medium that is under assualt from the funding sources…there’s alot of talk talk but crappy chalk chalk and a bad rap from artists who want to be provacative and speak in a quasi-sereptitious intellect that they think suffices for artistic expression, take the crucifix in the commode, or the chocolate jesus…I know…I’m an artist…I can admit to you it is cheap and easy to embolden a statement for a poor excuse to be provacative…and it p***** me off because I could use some of the thousands of dollars that these cheap frustrated artists for a poor excuse to be provacative get to pay their studio rent in an 1800 sq. ft. loft…this blows as far as I’m concerned…and their ruining the integrity of the arts funding programs.


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