Huron Island Light Station from the Michigan Lighthouse Collection

Huron Island Light Station

Huron Island Light Station c. 1965, Archives of Michigan

The Archives of Michigan has a number of digital collections including the Michigan Lighthouse Collection. With almost 600 photos, the Lighthouse Collection is a great resource for lovers of lighthouses and historical photos.

The entry on the Huron Island Light Station in Terry Pepper’s Seeing the Light begins:

When the Soo Locks opened in 1855, maritime traffic boomed around the Keweenaw, with immigrant miners and supplies arriving at the growing number of harbors, and huge loads of copper shipped to feed the incessantly hungry furnaces of the industrial cities of on the southern lakes.

With this increasing vessel traffic it became quickly apparent that the Huron Island chain represented a significant hazard to vessels making their way along the coast. Marking the turning point for vessels coasting in either direction between the lights of Marquette and Portage River, the islands were surrounded by dangerous shoals, were frequently enshrouded in pea-soup fogs, and had been the site of numerous shipwrecks over the years.

You can see more Huron Island Light Station photos from the Archive of Michigan’s Lighthouse Collection, get information about the Huron Island Light from the National Park Service lighthouse inventory, check out a few  photos and a map from Lighthouse Friends and also get a more recent view of the Huron Island Lighthouse feature from Michigan in Pictures.