Fall Wallpaper: Up North, 1975

Up North

Up North, photo by _PaleBlueEyes_.

A ton of the visits to Michigan in Pictures come (unsurprisingly) from people searching for all kinds of things. Some from the last 2 days include the specific (Hessel boat show, Henderson Castle, Hartwick Pines – must be “H” week) and the general (surfing michigan, pics of detroit, nature photos). One thing remains constant: people are always looking for something nice to adorn their desktop. I’ve noticed a spike in people searching for “fall backgrounds” and “fall wallpaper” over the last few days that mirrors the changing of the trees, so it must be time to start rolling out some of the fall color photos I’ve found.

If you’re looking for fall color photos, try the fall tag. I tag any photo that’s large enough to make a nice background with the “wallpaper” tag – just look at the bottom right of the post to see that!

About this photo, PaleBlueEyes writes:

So, my grandpa has a ton of old slideshow photos that I’m helping him convert to digital pictures, then make into slideshow DVD’s. The pictures are mostly of the family and various vacations in Europe, India, and around the US. This picture happened to be one of my favorites. It was taken on my grandparent’s property in the UP in the fall of 1975…I think even with all the technology on cameras today, I’ll never be able to take this beautiful of a picture.

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