“L” is for Lansing Tower … or is that a “B” for Boji?

Lansing Tower.

Lansing Tower., photo by Corey (a.k.a. ten0fnine).

Corey writes that this was formerly the Michigan National Tower and you must look at this photo bigger.

When I went a-Googling for the history of the building, I stumbled upon L is for Lansing:

…an online community for Lansing students, teachers, parents and anyone interested in hearing the stories of how this area, its neighborhoods, businesses, families, and citizens of note contributed to the history of “the land of the big bend” we call Lansing, Michigan.

The site looks to be one of the innumerable “ghost sites” that you find around the net where some energy and thought was applied to a topic before it was abandoned by its creators (the Young Spartans Program, who have themselves vanished). While the Lansing Timeline was never completed, their Lansing Tour, letter by letter, is kind of cool with some photos from the recent and distant past and links to more info as on ““O” is for Olds“.

Now where was I? Emporis says that this 341′ tall building is tallest in the Capital City and now known as the Boji Tower. Completed in 1931:

The Michigan National Tower was originally named the Olds Towers in honor of industrialist Ransom E. Olds. The brick and stone tower, with its tall, narrow profile topped with a spire and beacon, was typical of American skyscraper design in the early 1930’s. Four engraved panels in the portals of the main passenger elevators also reflect themes of labor and industry typical of the time.

Here’s the Boji Group’s page on Boji Tower and some more photos of Boji Tower.