100 years of Faygo Pop

Faygo Pop

Faygo Pop, photo by -anna-.

Anna shot this photo of Faygo Orange, Redpop, Black Raspberry, and Rock & Rye – 4 old school Faygo flavors for sure.

I apparently slept through Faygo’s 100th birthday on Sunday and failed to raise a bottle of Michigan’s own in celebration. You can get a timeline and lots of Faygo fun (including recipes – Faygo Rock & Rye Burger Bean Pie anyone?) at Faygo.com. Faygo’s history is easier to read over at the Soda Museum’s Faygo Room that begins:

Ben and Perry Feigenson, formerly bakers in Russia, began Feigenson Brothers Bottling Works on November 4, 1907. Their original flavors, Fruit Punch, Strawberry and Grape, were based upon their own frosting recipes. That is why these, and the flavors they developed later, were (and still are) so unique. They produced the soda one day, closed the factory the next day, loaded the product on a horse drawn wagon, and sold it for three cents or two for a nickel. They and their families lived above the plant. In the winter, when little soda was sold, they supplemented their incomes by selling bread and fish.

Later, when the Feigenson families moved into individual homes, they hired their first employees, bought their second horse and added Lithiated Lemon and Sassafras Soda (Root Beer) to their product line. They began calling the product “pop,” because of the sound made when opening the bottle.

There’s a big old list of Faygo flavors at Wikipedia and you can watch the Faygo Boat Song TV commercial on YouTube. If you want to go really old school, check out The Faygo Kid over at detroitkidshow.com (scroll to the bottom to see the commercial!).

13 thoughts on “100 years of Faygo Pop

  1. Faygo is so nostalgic for me. Redpop reminds me of my dad. When I was little, as a special treat, he would get me m&ms and a redpop.


      1. Feigenson Bros. Bottling works changed its name to Faygo in 1921 shorten it for expense reasons. They came up with the name Faygo when a 3 yearold member of their family couldnt pronounce the last name Feigenson. When she tried it came out sounding like Faygo.


  2. THE Faygo Song
    “Remember When You Were A Kid?”

    Written by Ed Labunaki
    Originally sung for Faygo by Kenny Karen

    Comic books and rubber bands
    Climb into the tree top
    Falling down and holding hands
    Tricycles and Redpop

    Pony rides and Sunday nights
    Roller skates and yo-yo’s
    fairy tales and snowball fights
    Climbin’ through the window

    Remember when you were a kid?
    Well, part of you still is
    And that’s why we make Faygo

    Faygo remembers
    Flying kites and funny shoes
    Easter eggs with speckles
    ABCs and counting by twos
    Washing off the freckles

    Kissing a hurt to make it stop
    Startin’ school in September
    So many things you almost forgot
    Tryin’ to remember

    Remember when you were a kid?
    Well, part of you still is
    And that’s why we make Faygo
    Faygo remembers


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