long (overdue) exposures from Grand Rapids

December 22, 2007

first impressions

first impressions, photo by powerbooktrance.

This photo that Terry took of Grand Rapids last night was one of the first I saw this morning.

There’s a lot of people who are featured on Michigan in Pictures who really could have their own photo blog. Because this blog is all about views from everywhere in Michigan, I try to make sure that I don’t feature photos from my favorite photographers too often. That said, I do want to make sure that readers see their work, so I was stunned to find that I’d apparently never posted one of Terry’s photos here.

You can see more of his great long exposures of Grand Rapids and elsewhere (slideshow) including one of my favorites: Moon Patrol.

4 Responses to “long (overdue) exposures from Grand Rapids”

  1. T. Johnston Says:

    thank you for the amazing write up! love this photo.


  2. jenny Says:

    good lord and butter, this is awesome!


  3. […] long (overdue) exposures from Grand Rapids « Michigan in Pictures My photo buddy can beat up your photo buddy. (tags: photography blog photographer michigan grandrapids) […]


  4. Bob Simonson Says:

    Please contact me at 866-259-7431 regarding this photograph and others. I wish to inquire about permission to use your work on our new entertainment magazine cover in Grand Rapids.


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