January 3, 2008

New Years Day

New Years Day, photo by hampsters.

The Detroit News reported that the 16″ snowfall on January was the biggest ever for a New Year’s Day and the fourth-biggest snowfall in southern Michigan history. The biggest southern Michigan snowfall ever was 24.5 inches on April 6, 1886*. Many folks managed to avoid the downsides of power outages and poor driving conditions and got out and enjoyed the conditions.

You can view a slideshow of photos from the storm or just view the thumbnails.

* I searched and searched for the state record – if anyone knows, please post in the comments!

2 Responses to “Wonderland”

  1. Kate Says:

    I can only find record information for specific places on specific dates. Weather Underground is easiest to navigate…


    If you type in “Michigan” and select a date it will give you a list of specific locations around the state. Click on a location and voila! :)


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