Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Michigan

Royal Oak Saint Patrick's Day Parade 2008 by Wigwam Jones

Royal Oak Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2008, photo by Wigwam Jones

As a Scotsman, my understanding of today is that St. Patrick drove the snakes our of Ireland to make it safe for Guinness. Today it’s a day where the young, young at heart and leprechauns can join together in the celebration of Irish heritage and perhaps tip a pint or two at their local Irish pub. Dogs and even horses aren’t left out of the wearin’ o’ the green. It’s an especially big deal in Detroit, home to a big St. Paddy’s Day Parade and the dapperest Irish web site in Michigan. Of course Detroit doesn’t take it to the extreme levels that our Windy City neighbors do.

Somebody told me that I might have a wee drop of Irish blood, though probably not as much as the descendants of the kids in this photo or true Michigan Hibernians.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Michigan!

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