Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum


Ask “The Brain ” – Marvin’s Mechanical Museum, photo by DetroitDerek.

Derek writes:

“The Brain” is one of the animated mechanical fortune tellers at Marvin’s Mechanical Museum. Marvin has been collecting video games, games of skill, and items such as these ( some date back to 1900, and others were custom built specifically for Marvin) since 1960. Marvin’s opened in 1990, and is listed as one of the 100 most unique museums in the world. Admission is free.

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is located in Farmington Hills and it operated by Marvin Yagoda. It’s designed to be fun for the entire family and the web site is a treat!

Speaking of the weird and wacky, when we don’t forget, the last Wednesday of every month is a “Weird Wednesday” on Absolute Michigan with help from Weird Michigan. We didn’t forget today, and there’s some great stuff on Michigan UFO Sightings today!

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