Zero Image Pinhole Camera: Bridge over Escanaba river


img090, photo by Sean Depuydt.

Zero Image cameras are handmade pinhole cameras that range from 35mm format to 4×5 format. The cameras are manufactured in Hong Kong by the Zero Image Company who say:

All our cameras are made of selected high-quality teak wood. More than 15 layers of coating are applied by hand to each camera, to insure maximum protection of the wood. The metal parts are hand-turned solid brass with a coating applied to prevent them from oxidizing. The mechanism and the structure of the camera make it work like an ordinary camera, but it is capable of taking extraordinary pictures!

…All the pinholes and zone plates are installed by our camera designer Mr. Zernike Au. Every camera is checked and tested by him to ensure the highest quality.

I’m pretty sure than in addition to the 4×5 model used for this photo, Sean has the Zero Image 2000.

There’s a Zero Image group on Flickr that has a few pics from Michigan.

There just might be time to get one of these by Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day on April 27th.

One thought on “Zero Image Pinhole Camera: Bridge over Escanaba river

  1. What a beautiful picture-
    I wonder if Sean is distantly related to me- my Aunt Betty on my mother’s side- (LaPlant) married a Depuydt and was the owner of Wally’s there in Gladstone. I hope to get back there someday.


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