A House on a Hill and the Michigan Film Office

House on a Hill by Richard Thompson

House on a Hill, photo by Richard Thompson

Janet Lockwood, Director of the Michigan Film Office writes:

The Film Office needs your help again…

We need a spooky house VERY remote and stark with open landscape and minimal trees in the way. Needs a big basement, but if no basement, a big attic. Big rooms, open halls, high ceilings, all the usual accoutrements for a haunted house. Nice film, will be shooting later in the year, not a big budget but recognizable actors.

You can contact Janet through the link above. She she says that with Michigan’s new film incentive package, you can expect to hear a lot more calls for location suggestions!

If you’re wondering why Michigan would want to attract movie production, consider that a major picture can provide $150,000 or more per day in economic impact on the local economy and films also generate interest in the region they are set in for tourists and others. Here’s a Detroit News story with some more info.

The Victorian home pictured above is near Chelsea and is part of Richard’s Landscape set (slideshow). I’m not the only one who thinks that Richard’s photos are basically movies waiting to happen

4 thoughts on “A House on a Hill and the Michigan Film Office

  1. I have stumbled across so many fabulous old homes (and new) while combing the backroads around the Metro Detroit area (and across Michigan). There is just a wealth of fascinating sites and structures all over the state. We’ve all passed by these places at some point or another and been struck by their charm. The reception and generosity of the residents whose property I have had the privilege to photograph has been terrific.


  2. I think that is the best idea that has come our way in years. Passing legislation to promote the film industry in Michigan was amazing. A film company would be amazed at all we offer for potential use in feature films. I hope to hear more news of films utilizing Michigan’s splendor.


  3. Met Ms. Lockwood at the LOCATION TRADE SHOW EXPO and being from Michigan, and as a long time Hollywood indie producer, was excited to announce that I was planning on opening a motion picture production services company in Michigan. Obviously lost on the concept but I was truly shocked by her response, but not surprised – she said, …we don’t like production services…”! I couldn’t believe how 1) rude she was and 2) ignorant she was but 3) not surprised since I tried 15 years ago to get her help me make a movie in Michigan and her response to me was – if I wasn’t Paramount Pictures she wasn’t going to help me – sadly some things never change. Now that’s an elitist! Again I am from Michigan.


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