Cherry Blossom Time in Michigan

Cherry Blossom Time, Benzie County Michigan by John Clement Howe

Cherry Blossom Time, Benzie County Michigan, photo by John Clement Howe.

The photo is part of John’s amazing Benzie County! photo set (slideshow) and it’s no coincidence that the next photo is a tasty looking morel mushroom – both cherry blossoms and morels are found at the same time of year!

Every May, the cherry trees of Michigan burst forth in white clouds of splendor, and dwelling as I do in the heart of Michigan’s cherry country, I am lucky enough to have a front row seat. I was struck by how little presence Michigan has in the cherry blossom information that can be found online. We’re just an afterthought on Wikipedia’s Sakura (cherry blossom) entry and event a search for Michigan cherry blossoms yields mostly Japanese restaurants.

I suppose that the fruit has become the bigger deal, but it wasn’t always that way. In their History of the National Cherry Festival, the Agile Writer notes that the Festival began in 1910 with a prayer ceremony for a good cherry crop. It was formalized in 1925, when the cherry growers partnered with Traverse City merchants to create the “Blessing of the Blossoms Festival” to promote the region and the cherry business.

5 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Time in Michigan

  1. Thanks for thebeautiful photograph and interesting blog. The almond blossom is just beginning here in Spain and, like the cherry blossom, its a sight to behold.


  2. I think you are mistaken Cherry trees blossoming to the Cherry Blossom trees. They are two different species and the Cherry Blossom or Sakura (like the ones gifted from Japan in Washington DC) bears no fruit.


  3. Nope! Born and raised on the Leelanau Peninsula – home to tart and sweet cherry trees and Cherry Capital of the World! If there’s one thing I know, it’s cherries!!


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