Orchard Lake and the St Mary’s Polish Festival

Campus panorama 1940s

Campus panorama 1940s, photo by Orchard Lake.

I noticed that Memorial Day Weekend is the time of the annual St. Mary’s Polish Country Fair & Festival on Orchard Lake. The event billed as “America’s Largest High School Fair” and is a fundraiser for Orchard Lake Schools and you can get an idea of what has changed (and what hasn’t) in this aerial view of Orchard Lakes Schools.

You can see a lot more cool old photos of the seminary in the Orchard Lake photo set from the Adam Cardinal Maida Alumni Library at the Orchard Lake Schools.

2 thoughts on “Orchard Lake and the St Mary’s Polish Festival

  1. Witamy!
    Looking to add some life to the party? The “DIDDLE STYX” Polka Band is a high energetic band that loves playing your favorite Polkas, Waltzes and Obereks. While watching the Diddle Styx you will see the love and passion for our Polish Heritage. We are a five piece polka group, George – Drummer, MC and Leader of the Band, Dawn Rosinski – Saxophone, Clarinet, Keyboard and Vocals, Dale Kivinen – Accordion, Trumpet and Main Vocals, Dan Bizon – Accordion, Chris Hedrich – Accordion, Trumpet, Keyboard and Vocals. We have been together approximately 10 years and Polka Music Fans have been our drive.

    Would you like to have a Polka Mass? We play for many Catholic Church Festivals and Special Events. We are all Catholic in the band and enjoy playing for them. We have a great selection of authentic Church songs that we have rearranged into Polkas and Waltzes. It is a beautiful Mass!

    Based out of Grand Rapids, MI, The”Diddle Styx”Polka Band is conveniently located for jobs throughout the State of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin and currently plays about 55 jobs per year throughout the Midwest. By popular demand, we have also taken many road trips, bus excursions, polka vacations and performed throughout the U.S., Mexico, Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

    If you would like the “Diddle Styx” to play for your festival, wedding, anniversary or special event please contact George Rosinski by phone at: 616-334-7914 or e-mail at: thediddlestyx@yahoo.com or gdrosinski@yahoo.com .

    Check us out on facebook.com The Diddle Styx and become a fan!

    There’s nothing better than live polka music at a reasonable price! Dzien Dobry!

    My wide Dawn also had a brother that went to Orchard Lake in 1984, 1985. We have many ties to the school and appreciate all the hard work you are doing.

    Looking forward to Orchard Lake St. Mary’s playing football down in Grand Rapids at West Catholic (that is where our children go to school) in August.

    Thanks again and God bless :)


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