Michigan Sunsets. Camp Rosenthal.

Michigan Sunsets. Camp Rosenthal.

Michigan Sunsets. Camp Rosenthal., photo by vostok71.

Sergei says that he took this photo in 1995 (check it out bigger and also these other photos) when he was at Camp Rosenthal, operated by Chicago Youth Centers:

Located in Dowagiac, Michigan, Camp Rosenthal is one of only five remaining camps in the Midwest dedicated to the needs of low-income, at-risk children and offers a unique program designed to provide kids ages 8–15 with opportunities to become familiar with and appreciate the natural world and experience positive life-altering experiences…

At Camp Rosenthal, many children experience for the first time how spectacular a starry night is away from city lights, fall asleep and wake up where the only sounds come from nature, and learn to interact successfully with a diversity of new friends under the committed care and guidance of thoroughly trained youth workers.

I hope that we can work to foster similar experiences for kids in Michigan and elsewhere so nobody has to go through life without knowing what it’s like to sit on a dock and watch the day turn to night.

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