I Wanna Go to Rothbury


anberlin_108, photo by Nicole Rork.

GMNext Plug In offered Absolute Michigan a pair of tickets to the inaugural Rothbury Festival (this week – July 3-6) the other day. While it won’t top the Goose Lake International Music Festival as Michigan’s biggest ever, it is expected to draw upwards of 50,000 people and is packed with bands, entertainment and even educational/visioning opportunities.

To say that I wanted to go is a massive understatement. I yearn to go so badly that I can actually write “yearn” and not feel silly. (OK, I feel a little silly having written it) In the end, I couldn’t and neither could anyone else so we decided the thing to do was to give them away.

If you want a chance at 2 free Rothbury tickets, head over to the Rothbury Ticket Giveaway from GM Next & Absolute Michigan. It’s really easy to enter, so do it if you can go!

Nicole took this photo of the band Anberlin at the Jack Breslin Center in East Lansing and it’s just one of many amazing Live Music shots she has taken. If you like concert photography, you’ll love the slideshow.

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