Photos from the 2008 Rothbury Music Festival

Hey Snoop, Michigan Loves You, photo by Ann Teliczan

Ann was one of the lucky … 35,000 or 40,000 or so … who got to attend what will apparently be the 1st annual Rothbury Music Festival last weekend. She has a bunch more great HDR photos from Rothbury.

For more photos (which obviously come with a “these are pictures from a large & wild music festival” warning), check out Rothbury photos from Flickr (slideshow), the Freep’s Rothbury photo galleries, a large Rothbury gallery (with aerial photos) from mLive. mLive got pretty into the festival and by “pretty” I mean “surprisingly a lot” and they have all kinds of photo and other features like the t-shirts of Rothbury that you can find from their Rothbury wrapup.

Update! David McGowan over at has a very cool Rothbury 08 gallery with 40 of his favorite shots and a second gallery with tons more!

Update, Part 2 Revolutionary Views Photography has some stunning Rothbury panoramas (and excellent photos too!)

7 thoughts on “Photos from the 2008 Rothbury Music Festival

  1. Awesome pseudo-hdr’s and panos!
    Check out pics I took for buzznet at that are being featured on the Rothbury Community Site.

    I signed a release saying that we couldn’t sell images from Rothbury, pretty sure everyone else did too, not sure how these people are selling them but pretty sure it’s against the licensing and release we signed….if it’s not please let me know asap.


    1. Thanks Benjamin! I signed the same release and you’re right, the images are not for sale. It was a great event, you going to be there in 09? If so, maybe I’ll see you there.


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