Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2008

Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2008 by murn

Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2008, photo by murn

This photo is part of Myra’s Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2008: The 25th Season! set (slideshow). You can (and should) view this photo larger at Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2008 in Myra’s blog.She writes:

The 25th anniversary Festival’s “Top of the Park” featured aerialists, combat acrobats, blazing-hot performances, and dramatic storm clouds. I was running around like a kid in the world’s awesome-est candy store, trying desperately to document it all. When the curtain finally came down on this year’s Festival, and I at last had a chance to peruse the 3000+ images I’d shot, I was ever-so-slightly giddy: the images were tantalizingly lush, and they really captured the vibe, the spirit, and the excitement of “Top of the Park.”

Visit the Ann Arbor Summer Festival for more about this cool event and more of Myra’s work. I’m sure before too long it will include information of the 2009 A2 Summer Festival.

One thought on “Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2008

  1. Many thanks, Andy! I’m very excited about how the Festival shots turned out, and it’s such a thrill that you and others enjoy them, too!


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