Detroit Riot, July 1967

July 22, 2008

Remembering the Detroit Riot of 1967 on Absolute Michigan has a lot of information and videos about what was one of the most profound events in Michigan’s history.

Below are some links to photographs I’ve found – please add more links in the comments. I’m surprised by how few there are for such a major event.

8 Responses to “Detroit Riot, July 1967”

  1. Tom Says:

    I was a Eng squad leader from the UP during the riots. We were called up from Camp Grayling as we were there for our regular 2 week summer training. Our Bn. (107 E) ended up in the mid of the riot. We were on foot patrol and truck/jeep over most of riot area. We at no point were told to have unloaded M-1’s etc. There were some snipers and we did return fire once after being shot at by small cal. (.22’s emptys found at one location). Overall no fire by us was done except to return fire as indicated above. Our main duty was to keep people off the streets. Very hot and fires everywhere. Looked like WW11 as we pulled in, State Police were pretty happy to see us. Tom


  2. […] video features the song Black Day in July by Gordon Lightfoot which was banned in the US. Detroit Riot, July 1967 on Michigan in Pictures this morning has this listing of […]


  3. Tina Says:


    I am doing my Senior Seminar paper on the Detroit Riot. Is there any way you could email me and we could talk about it for my paper. It is for my Bachelors degree in history.




  4. J Fields Says:

    Ihope you got the information you needed. I live right in the middle of it i can remember like it was yesterday.


  5. Tina Says:

    Thanks! It is wonderful information though if anyone else has experiences they want to share with me please feel free.



  6. […] Student Movement (founded in 1965) and the city’s chapter of the Black Panther Party (1966), to the July 1967 riots that took over the city’s streets and much of the nation’s attention, Detroit was a flashpoint […]


  7. I am to make a verbal presentation at school for my African
    American Struggles class, can u plz contact my ASAP! Would
    like help on structuring my 15 min. presentation. So much is
    there to share….




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