Grand Haven Musical Fountain

Grand Haven Musical Fountain 4 (Small)

Grand Haven Musical Fountain 4 (Small), photo by Michphotog.

This is part of Michphotog’s Grand Haven Musical Fountain set (slideshow). Wikipedia says that:

The Grand Haven Musical Fountain is a synchronized display of water and lights in Grand Haven, Michigan located on Dewey Hill on the north shore of the Grand River, not far from the Grand’s mouth at Lake Michigan and Grand Haven State Park. Shows run nightly from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Weekend shows run during the months of May and September. Shows begin at dusk and run 20 to 25 minutes

You can see a video and even try your hand at programming this cool piece of watery art at the Grand Haven Musical Fountain Development Site.

As a side note, I am continually amazed by the cool things I learn through Michigan in Pictures!!

2 thoughts on “Grand Haven Musical Fountain

  1. As the photographer I think it is important to note (for the proud citizens of Grand Haven) this is not the view of the fountain that one would normally have. There is a very nice bleacher/stadium arena across the river which gives a much different view of the fountain. The fountain is by design meant to be seen from the other side where it is much more fabulous. I wanted a different perspective so I shot it from the dunes behind. The lighting for the fountain shines on the face of the water illuminating it much better than where I was (the lights were shining directly back at me)
    Last note, if you look closely enough at a few of the pics you’ll notice the full moon was rising on the city of Grand Haven at the time the fountain was playing.



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