Menominee North Pier Light

Menominee Michigan Lighthouse

Menominee Michigan Lighthouse, photo by Lara Salonen.

You can see more photos of this cool pier light (and see them bigger) in Lara’s Menominee slideshow.

Terry Pepper’s page on the Menominee North Pier Light (at the mouth of the Menominee River on Green Bay) says that after harbor improvements were completed in 1927:

… a prefabricated octagonal cast iron tower was delivered by vessel, and lowered onto the pier.

Click to view enlarged imageThe thirty-four foot tower was painted white, and integrated with an attached fog signal building. An elevated wooden catwalk stretched along the wooden pier to provide the keepers with safe access to the light during periods when waves crashed across the surface of the pier. The octagonal cast iron lantern room was outfitted with a Fourth Order Fresnel lens of unknown manufacture.

At some point thereafter, the wooden pier was replaced by a concrete structure with a forty-foot diameter circular crib at its offshore end. At this time, the fog signal was eliminated with the inclusion of an automated electrically operated signal in the tower. With automation of the light in 1972, the need for daily maintenance of the light was also eliminated, and the iron catwalk was removed from the pier.

Dave Wobster’s page on the Menominee Light has some great photos and says that the 10-sided lantern no longer contains the original Fourth-Order lens, which has been moved to the restored Sand Point Lighthouse in Escanaba.

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