Happy Zombies at the World Record Grand Rapids Zombie Walk

Untitled, photo by chad℠.

Chad captured this cool view of the likely world record Grand Rapids Zombie Walk. GR based Spout writes:

Thursday, October 30, Grand Rapids, Michigan. A seemingly average midwestern city. Until the zombies invade. A throng of at least 3,370 zombies flowed through the downtown streets (it’s very likely it was over 4,000) to try and break the world record for the largest zombie walk. The event, organized by college sophomore Rob Bliss, shattered the previous record of 1,375, set just a few days earlier in the Pittsburgh suburb of Monroeville. If Monroeville sounds familiar to zombie fans, it should. The Monroeville Mall was the setting of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

View a Grand Rapids Zombie Walk slideshow and share your GR Zombie Walk photos right here on Flickr. Much more Halloween fun at Absolute Michigan!

Update: Chad has a Zombie Walk set up now (slideshow).

4 thoughts on “Happy Zombies at the World Record Grand Rapids Zombie Walk

  1. Hi, Will be coming to South Haven–am so excited—have never seen the beaches of Michigan and it has been a dream to do so. Funny, you travel the world, and yet there are so many great places in the US–the Gr Lakes have fascinated me since childhood. and I cannot wait to get there –3rd week Sept.
    I am a education science and history masters degree holder(my husband is a scientist but has little interest in paranormal anything–he would dearly love to meet an alien, but beyond that–no—-he’s a NASA physicist, you would think they would be interested in all sorts of science and even subjects that we are still trying to learn to apply scientific method to for research but scientists can be amazingly incurious-i think afraid of what they may be forced to have to think about really :)–so htey refuse to even “go there”..

    However, I and would love to see some of the local paranormal investigators with any serious group in South Haven Mi area would lett me “tag along” and watch and learn while on my trip up to Mich.

    Will be on vacation for about a week in Sept 3rd week(we live near Williamsburg Va now and I have done some tours and a bit of my own looking around historical areas as our part of the New World was settled in 1607 or so.–Jamestowne,etc) It would also be fun to meet local peole from Michigan —age makes no diff. to me–friends are based on interest and compatibility and common purpose–not age,but I ill be age 50 by the time we get to your state–have a Sept b’day. be delighted to meet some local people (new friends) and learn more about the people of your state and so forth as well as the history and so forth.. I am a 50 yr old female–just a normal person, but this would add a dimension to the history of your area and the lighthouse /maritime world (I live 2 miles from Chesapeake Bay).

    Would be happpy to help carry times, be of help where I can– in low level ways– I am not a techie person–and also not sure what your group would charge for a “tag along” companion–not a flighty , weird person so you would have a normal person if I could be part of an investigation or tour.., would be happy to make a donation to the society to help continue it’s work in thanks for hospitality rendered.. thanks so much. Appreciate your letting me ask.

    Kindest Regards,
    Kathryn Hamilton in Hampton VA


  2. Game Warehouse is proud to present the 1st annual Horror Fest.

    For the first time in this area, we are hoping to start a new festival to add to the amazing festivals already established in Kalamazoo. While this festival will not be as large, we hope with a great turnout, and community support, this festival can only grow, and become a staple in the festival season.

    Cast from the classic horror film Evil Dead will be at Game Warehouse from 10-5 to sign memorabilia and take pictures with fans. During this time, we will also have Zombies, a booth to get zombie makeup, and the cast from the Whole Art Theatre hit Evil Dead The Musical.

    At 7:30, the cast from Evil Dead will have a Q&A. It will be a great time to learn even more about your favorite character from the hit movie, as well as find out what they have been up to since the movie.

    There will then be a Zombie Crawl. The cast will meet at Bronson Park with the zombies, and participate in the crawl. The crawl will begin at 9pm, and after making its way through downtown, end up at Up and Under.

    For more detailed information, please visit http://www.gamewarehouseonline.com and click on the HorrorFest icon. Or feel free to call (269) 903-2309.


  3. One of the more impressive blogs Ive seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. Youve got style, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up because without the internet is definitely lacking in intelligence.


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