National Mine, old shed


fullshedinrain600, photo by TheDailies.

This photo is part of Kim’s National Mine set (slideshow). She has posts about her place in National Mine on her blog. She took this shot in the rain, so it probably makes sense to share the Weather Underground page for National Mine.

Wikipedia’s National Mine, Michigan entry says that National Mine is an unincorporated community in Tilden Township (Marquette County), located just south of the city of Ishpeming.
Michigan Place Names by Walter Romig

The village was founded in 1878 as part of the estate of the Lake Superior Iron Company, in the Winthrop Range. It was given a post office on December 5, 1879, with Richard F. Ellis as its first postmaster.

For Paul Harvey, this is Andy McFarlane saying have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “National Mine, old shed

  1. Thanks Farlane,

    I have other photos of National Mine on my blog. This one happens not to be on my property. But it is a favorite location near a cave-in ground. The rain made the metal roof magical. I took the shot hoping I would not have rain drops on the lense.


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