Veterans Day at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly

holly 107

holly 107, photo by jmbarclay.

Today is Veterans Day and I hope everyone gets a chance to to take some time to remember those who have served and are serving our nation.

I’m pretty sure this photo is from the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly, Michigan. The Holly cemetery is the second national cemetery in Michigan. Michigan’s other national cemetery is the Fort Custer National Cemetery.

Michigan Veterans and Veterans Day on Absolute Michigan has a lot of good information and resources and you can get some good photos & articles about veterans on Michigan in Pictures.

You can view this photo larger in Jim’s Art slideshow and see more veterans photos in the Absolute Michigan pool.

4 thoughts on “Veterans Day at the Great Lakes National Cemetery in Holly

  1. My wife and I attended the ceremonies this morning and again it was very, very nice. Kudos go to Rick Anderson and his fine team. We were in attendance in 2005 and my second visit this year, memorial Day and today veterans day. I was drafted early for Vietnam 9/61-9/63, and was discharged from active duty just before escalation of hostilities so I lucked out. Non the less I’m very proud to have put on the uniform and remained at the ready should the need have risen. I left today very proud, remorseful, guilty (for not having done more), and committed to doing something to honor our veterans. I will contact the necessary people to volunteer in some capacity i.e. Honor Guard. Thanks again Gene and Marianne Raffin


  2. We have eagerly watched the development of this cemetery. We are proud to say that our Mother is buried at Great Lakes, as per her wishes. We attended the 2007 Veterans Day ceremonies and were very of all who served.


  3. Went with my mom to visit the cemetery today. Her and my Dad will be buried there. It is such a large beautiful place. The lake and walkways are laid out perfect. The whole cemetary is surrounded by nature. Very Well Done. It felt so comfortable….like being home.


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