The Zilwaukee Bridge

The Zilwaukee Bridge

The Zilwaukee Bridge, photo by Mario.Q.

This photo is part of Mario’s Zilwaukee Bridge set (slideshow). He writes:

The Zilwaukee Bridge carries northbound and southbound I-75 125 feet over the Saginaw River at Zilwaukee, MI with a total length of just over 8,000 ft. This high level bridge replaced a drawbridge at the same location that caused major backups on I-75 with frequent openings for ship traffic going from Saginaw, MI to the Great Lakes. With a major and widely publicized construction mishap and huge budget overruns this is one of the more widely know bridges in the State of Michigan.

You can read much more about this star-crossed bridge in Wikipedia’s Zilwaukee Bridge entry, but the best resource is There you can find The Zilwaukee Bridge: From the Beginning by MDOT. This details the whole story including “The Accident“. There’s also a bunch of photos of the bridge including an aerial view and an annotated aerial view.

One thought on “The Zilwaukee Bridge

  1. Michigan is for weirdos [yes there is a book called -Weird Michigan] and this bridge has carried its share of weirdos- Awesome!!


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