Port Sanilac might have been Bark Shanty Point

November 21, 2008

Port Sanilac life preserver

Port Sanilac life preserver, photo by Deep blue ocean.

Be sure to check this baby out bigger (and this one too)!

Wikipedia says that Port Sanilac is a village in Sanilac Township of Sanilac County, pop 658:

This village was originally a lumberjack settlement on the shore of Lake Huron named “Bark Shanty Point.” In the late 1840s and 1850s, the settlement gained its first sawmill, schoolhouse, and general store. In 1854, Bark Shanty Point’s first post office opened. In 1857 the village was renamed to Port Sanilac, as it is in Sanilac Township in Sanilac County. Local legend attributes the name to a Wyandotte Indian Chief named Sanilac.

This photos is from the Port Sanilac Marina (marina web cam). More about the town at the village at Port Sanilac web site.

One Response to “Port Sanilac might have been Bark Shanty Point”

  1. moi Says:

    Deep blue ocean is my absolute fav. photographer in the world :)))

    Deep blue it’s moi…………aka……swati :)


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