future hopefuls: Michigan Christmas Trees

future hopefuls

future hopefuls, photo by yodraws.

As might be expected, the Michigan Christmas Tree Association is not a fan of fake trees, pointing to hazardous chemicals and such and noting that:

  • Real Christmas trees help filter dust and smog from the air and help stop soil erosion.
  • Christmas trees on a farm produce oxygen – a necessary component of life for people.
  • Real Christmas trees provide a comfortable habitat for a wide variety of wildlife.
  • After the holidays, Christmas trees can be recycled and used for purpose including bird feeders/shelters, fuel chips and mulch. Fake trees end up in a landfill.

I read somewhere that live Christmas trees or decorating a tree outside are the absolute best choice. Anyway, check that link above for all kinds of Michigan tree dealers and info including also see Absolute Michigan keyword Christmas tree for more links and articles.

Yo writes that on this cold and snowy Saturday, they found a tree in record time that was short and sweet with tiny little pine cones. See it bigger in her Somewhere in Michigan slideshow!

If you feel like a visit to the Christmas tree farm or lot is a chore, check out The Christmas Tree Ships for a look at how things were “back in the day”.

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