2009 Detroit Auto Show – January 17-25


MotorShowNetwork-NAIAS-2009-chrysler-jeep-patriotI0002, photo by TechShowNetwork.

The 2009 North American International Auto Show takes place January 17-25, 2009 at Cobo Center in Detroit. You can get all kinds of stories about the Detroit Auto Show at Absolute Michigan. One of my favorite stories we’ve posted about it is this great column by Jack Lessenberry. Check it (and the show) out if you can!

This photo is part of a great 300+ picture slideshow from the media preview of the and is courtesy MotorShowNetwork.com and copyright Jochen Siegle/MOtorShowNetwork and shows Chrysler unveiling their ENVI electric-drive vehicle the Jeep Patriot EV at the media preview.

Speaking of slideshows, here’s the auto-magically generated 2009 NAIAS slideshow from Flickr!

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