St. Johns, Michigan Bicycle Band

St. Johns, Michigan Bicycle Band

St. Johns, Michigan Bicycle Band, photo by Seeking Michigan.

I thought I’d follow up yesterday’s rant with something from the Archives of Michigan. A number of people have assured me that the Archives and Michigan’s broader arts & cultural support will remain following whatever reorganization happens. I hope so.

This photo made me think about how much more attention early photographers had to pay to lighting and composition. I can’t imagine getting this shot with the cameras they had in 1890. It was the December 2005 Image of the Month and you can read a lot more (and see another picture) there:

According to the Clinton County Republican-News Centennial Issue (published in 1956), the St. Johns Bicycle Band existed from 1886 to 1891 and usually consisted of about twenty pieces. The Republican-News Centennial Issue includes this photo of band members (pg. 6) and identified the drum player above as George Woodruff.

More at and in the Seeking Michigan Fickriver.

One thought on “St. Johns, Michigan Bicycle Band

  1. Hi there! I am the Executive Director of the St. Johns Downtown Management Board in St. Johns, Michigan. Please direct me to the party I need to communicate with to be able to use this historic picture.

    Thank you,
    Carole Field


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