Again with the ice


IMG_1513, photo by wcwhiting.

Bill says he’s waited all year for this to happen again.

Check out Bill’s other photos from this day and in his slideshow (there’s a music video at the tail end of the slideshow, so make sure your speakers aren’t on too loud!).

Sorry to keep coming back to the ice theme but it’s just too awesome.

5 thoughts on “Again with the ice

  1. hey, thanks for the blurb in your blog. and yes there is a video from a trip to new orleans at the end of this set of pics so keep you ears safe and turn your volume down. more pics follow after that. hope you all enjoy and thanks again.


  2. if only the link you made, “Bill’s other photos from this day” could be viewed as a slideshow then the video wouldn’t even be an issue. unless i’m missing it….nevermind, i’m rambling


  3. Hey, it’s not a huge deal – I enjoyed it. I just want to be kind to the cubicle surfers! (although Michigan in Pictures of course discourages any and all slacking off when you should be working sort of behavior)


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