Bessemer plow crew vs. Eight feet of snow

February 19, 2009

Show Plow

Show Plow, photo by Seeking Michigan.

This photo shows a snow removal crew in Bessemer, Michigan dated March 6-9, 1926. The image was donated by Senator Walter Treuttner and appears courtesy the Archives of Michigan.

Be sure to check it out larger to get a sense of the size of these drifts. Assuming that guy is 5’5″, those drifts have to be every inch of 8 feet tall!

You can get a shovel-full of Michigan snowplowing stuff over on Absolute Michigan this morning as well!

3 Responses to “Bessemer plow crew vs. Eight feet of snow”

  1. Looks almost like my driveway :-)


  2. farlane Says:

    I would think you were exaggerating Kim, but a friend in Marquette sent me pictures the other day!


  3. Becky Says:

    This is a picture of
    ‘The Zebra’. It was kept in the garage at the Harding School in Bessemer Township. Yalmer Erickson, the janitor at Harding School, put this machine together and he always operated it and took care of it. Courtesy of Maxine Crawford Freel, daughter of E A Crawford Principal of Harding School.


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