There’s music on the Spring Wind


music, photo by yodraws.

Love calls like the wild birds, it’s another day.
A Spring wind blew my list of things to do … away.
~Greg Brown, Spring Wind

In celebration of the first day of spring and the vernal equinox, I went looking for a photo of “spring” in the Absolute Michigan pool. With almost 2000 photos, it’s practically a synaesthesia inducing experience. It also shows the riotous glory that is Michigan in springtime: flowers, flowing water, new shoots covered with snow and people who don’t care that the water is too cold for sensible folk to wade in.

Be sure to check this photo out bigger and in Yolanda’s Nature sideshow.

Check out one of my very favorite songs, Spring Wind by Greg Brown on YouTube and enjoy the return of spring.

More spring wallpaper on Michigan in Pictures

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