Hungarian Falls on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Hungarian Falls - Middle

Hungarian Falls – Middle, photo by dcclark.

David writes that this is the middle drop of Hungarian Falls near Tamarack City on the Keweenaw Peninsula. He says that the falls are never running this well, except at just the right point during the spring melt. The Keweenaw CVB page on Hungarian Falls has directions to the falls and says:

The Upper Hungarian Falls, about 10 feet wide, is located in a beautiful hardwood forest, and drops about 25 feet over a wall of red stone. Downstream the Hungarian Creek slides over the Hungarian Dam to create an unnamed 5-foot falls just below on the far side of the river whose rock walls and ledge appear almost handmade. About 100 yards downstream is a second unnamed falls of about 7 feet into a small pool. Another 250 feet downstream a third unnamed falls drops 25 feet in a shaded canyon whose moss covered walls extend from both sides of the falls. 400 feet downstream is the Lower Hungarian Falls, the most spectacular of all the falls, that drops another 15 feet over terraced rock.

Here’s the location of Hungarian Falls on Waymarking and Upper & Lower Hungarian Falls from Hunts Guide to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

You can see this photo larger in David’s Spring slideshow. He has another photo of Hungarian Falls in winter. Check out David’s blog Cliffs and Ruins for more photos and stories.

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