Lilac Time in Michigan

lilac after morning rain

lilac after morning rain, photo by grdadof6.

I don’t know if there’s anything that says to me more that spring has well and truly sprung than the appearance of lilacs. Although they are still a week or so away here in northern Michigan and further off in the UP and on Mackinac Island (home of the annual Lilac Festival) lilacs are flowering in the southern half of the Lower Peninsula.

MSU’s page on Syringa vulgaris, the Common Lilac lists a ton of cultivars in case you want to amaze your friends with musings as to whether that lilac is a Atheline Wilbur or a Frank Paterson.

Be sure to check this out bigger and For more lilac photos check out lilacs on Michigan in Pictures and the lilac slideshow from the Absolute Michigan pool.

One thought on “Lilac Time in Michigan

  1. When Lilacs Bloom

    Lilacs don’t bloom till dawn
    Because moonlight fills their empty palettes
    With fragrances of divine splendor
    Dewdrop descends at midnight
    When all hues are mixed in the longing’s easel
    Lightning keeps a flashing eye
    While stars polish their sparkling canvas
    And clouds lend their moving grandeur
    When lilacs bloom at last
    Beauty sings a song of ecstasy
    And truth listens with a finger on lips!


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