R.I.P. Tiger Stadium


R.I.P., photo by Ralph Krawczyk Jr.

Ralph writes:

Supporters of renovating what remained of Tiger Stadium surrendered Monday in a failed court effort to postpone the final demolition, sparking the end of a legacy that began in 1896…

You can read about the demolition in the Freep, watch it on YouTube, check out other Tiger Stadium pictures on Michigan in in Pictures and read Tiger Stadium stories on Absolute Michigan). You can also see more photos of this iconic park in Raph’s Tiger Stadium set (slideshow).

I’m not sure, however, that you can explain to me why Detroit seems hell-bent on demolishing its most prominent pieces of heritage.

4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Tiger Stadium

  1. I went back to tiger stadium on Fathers Day 1999- the first time I had been there since 1969. It was old yet comforting. In my travels with the Military, I had the chance to visit many of the “iconic” stadiums, and the difference was that Tiger stadium was left to time, not well maintained. It’s death wasn’t caused by Comerica Park – it was the indifference at a time that Wrigley and Fenway were being upgraded and taken care of. 20 years ago, if the money had been spent, the corner would still be “THE CORNER”. I’ll miss it, but then I miss being in my 20’s again too….


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