The River: Photo Kayaking on Pigeon River

Photo Kayaking on Pigeon River

Photo Kayaking on Pigeon River, photo by Fellowship of the Rich.

Here’s a photo taken while kayaking on the Pigeon River in Port Sheldon, about which the DNR says:

The Pigeon River is located in the north-central part of the southern peninsula of Michigan. Its headwaters are located a few miles northeast of Gaylord. The river then flows in a northerly direction to its mouth at Mullet Lake, a distance of 42 miles. The Pigeon River system drains a surface area of approximately 88,000 acres and include 80 linear miles of stream.

The DNR’s Natural Rivers page says that Michigan has more than 36,000 miles of rivers and streams, including over 12,000 miles of cold water trout streams. Get a list of those Michigan rivers from Wikipedia.

Be sure to check this photo out bigger and in Rich’s The River set (slideshow)

Rich also created a new Flickr group called The River, about which he says:

Life stems from flowing water and life grows around flowing water. Cities and towns build up around the river. This group is about documenting rivers from all over the world. Activities in and around the river. From swimming, boating, fishing to taking in scenery and wildlife. Iconic rivers to locally known fishing rivers, we’d love to have them all.

4 thoughts on “The River: Photo Kayaking on Pigeon River

  1. Rich this is an awesome pic.
    I LOVE Pigeon River but am so sad that they closed so many of our horse trails. We probably won’t even come up anymore because there just isn’t as many trails to justify such a long drive.

    Tami Vroma
    Life is a Journey . . . Enjoy the Ride!


  2. If this is the Pigeon River (Creek) in Port Sheldon Township, then it’s not near Gaylord. It’s closer to Holland/Grand Haven.

    Lovely photos!

    And Tami, there are horse trails along the Pigeon River in Port Sheldon Township, too. But I’ll bet you knew that.



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