Theft of the Traverse City State Hospital Gate

Light of Day Falls on the Asylum

Light of Day Falls on the Asylum, photo by sunliner500.

We’ve been working all week on the first ever Traverse City Wine & Art Festival which takes place tonight. In a normal world, I’d be posting today only about how excited I am at how amazing this event will be.

The festival takes place at The Village at Grand Traverse Commons and the Minervini Group who owns and manages the of the former Traverse City State Hospital was gracious enough to let us use an office in their main headquarters. Yesterday morning, I was shocked to learn that someone had stolen the iconic gate from the back of Building 50. It’s likely that this metal gate was packed on a truck for Chicago or elsewhere. Check out some of the photos linked below to see the details, and if you ever come across it on a walk, know that there are a lot of people who would appreciate you letting the Minervinis know by email or calling 231.941.1900!

Have a look at Nick’s photo bigger and also check out Traverse City State Hospital set (slideshow). There’s more photos at traverse city state hospital gate on Flickr.

There’s also great information about the Traverse City State Hospital from Kirkbride Buildings and some cool old photos on this Building 50 page that might contain some shots of the gate.

9 thoughts on “Theft of the Traverse City State Hospital Gate

  1. Probably taken by some treasure hunter who can sell it on ebay or in their antiques store. Maybe it was a victim of the entitled feeling it would better serve their private estate? Shameful.


  2. I spent 8 weeks in rehab at Munson 4 years ago. Hubby took me for a walk in my wheel chair almost every day. This gate became very familiar. Unless the culprit plans on using it themselves, it will turn up. The internet has made the world’s hiding places very small.


  3. The Minervini’s are offering anyone with Information leading to the safe recovery & return of their stolen gate an overnight stay in one of their furnished Village Condos + a full guided tour. 231.941.1900.


  4. Someone with the time and equipment to do that and not get noticed would make me look at the contractors on site or 1 of their workers.


  5. My great uncle was here for years for what was more likely neglect then anything else. He was probably the nicest kindest person in the family.


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