MMMMMMM-Michigan Apples!

MMMMMMM-Michigan Apples.....

MMMMMMM-Michigan Apples….., photo by rowrlm.

While our cool fall has been rough on some farmers, it has produced one of the best years for apples in Michigan history!

Michigan apples, not only delicious but prized on Absolute Michigan has a ton of apple information (including a new Honeycrisp apple hybrid). You can also check out for much more appley goodness including links to U-pick, farm markets and apple cider!

Be sure to check this out bigger or in rowrlm’s slideshow.

One thought on “MMMMMMM-Michigan Apples!

  1. Great photo. Reminds me of the cool fall days I would spend at my grandparents in rural Michigan. We would pick apples of the trees in his yard and munch happily away. The pears weren’t bad either.


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