Michigan Northern Lights – October 16, 2009

Northern lights over Amygdaloid Island Ranger Station

Northern lights over Amygdaloid Island Ranger Station, photo by yooper1949.

Last night our Michigan Northern Lights Log on Absolute Michigan lit up like … well … the northern lights I guess with reports from Howell, Perry, Bancroft, Pleasant Lake, Eaton Rapids

They were all over. North, South, East and West. I wasn’t sure at first what they were, because of seeing them in all directions. Never seen anything quite like it.

…and Hartland, where Eddie wrote:

Finally….some verification of what myself and the rest of the family was looking at. I’m in Hartland and saw them everywhere but the northwest direction last night. Then this morning on the way to work, to the north and north east only. Saw single shafts of vertical light streaks mostly with a few areas that were “brush stroked” also, completely vertical. My kids also saw them for the first time.

Our northern lights log is set up to be a resource for notification when the aurora borealis is out. If you’ve never seen the lights, you might want to subscribe to the feed to get notification. I’m really wishing I’d checked my email last night and I’m hoping that I at least get to see some of the photos in the Absolute Michigan pool!

Carl took this photo on Northern lights over Amygdaloid Island Ranger Station on Amygdaloid Island (<– read that link) in Isle Royale National Park on November 6, 2007. You can see it bigger in his Under the Stars slideshow or check out this whole set or his Isle Royale National Park photos.

I didn’t see this one at Carl’s Mackinac Scenics web site (where you can purchase some of his work) but he does have some great shots of Isle Royale under the stars!

There’s lots more Northern Lights / Aurora Borealis photos & information on Michigan in Pictures!

5 thoughts on “Michigan Northern Lights – October 16, 2009

  1. My friends and I were driving home from okemos and I was the first one to spot them. At first I thought it was just a glare from oncomming head lights then we stopped to get gas, made a few calls and found out we weren’t going crazy!


  2. My sister got a call last night (Oct. 16, 2009) and told her that she was seeing the northern lights in the Okemos, MI area. My parents and I were in Central Lake, MI found the Lights also. Mom and I saw them, and even though they were just white, they were amazing. I hope that they happen again tonight!


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