Michigan Big Tree Hunt and the White Ash

White ash canopy

White ash canopy, photo by vaprwere.

A couple of weeks ago mLive featured an article on the 2008-09 Michigan Big Tree Hunt.

The contest, run by Global ReLeaf of Michigan, tries to find the biggest tree in each county every two years, as well as the largest white pine (the state tree), and the largest overall tree in the state — which this year is a 306-inch weeping willow in Van Buren County.

A forester who verified Nelson’s tree said that going by only circumference (206″), it is the largest white ash in a five-county (Grand Rapids) area. But it’s not the largest in the state. The Michigan Botanical Club, a partner in the contest, lists a 247-inch white ash in Leelanau County.

Learn more about the contest (and neighborhood tree planting) from Global ReLeaf of Michigan and more about the White ash at Wikipedia.

Check this photo out bigger and in Joseph’s Tree Images set (slideshow).

Interestingly enough, Joseph is a plant pathologist and writes that this large white ash was photographed in northern lower Michigan, and that like its brethren, it’s threatened by the emerald ash borer, a pretty but destructive insect. The article says that this tree was judged free of the pest.

There’s more about the Emerald Ash Borer and also more tree photos on Michigan in Pictures.

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