Remembering Bob Heft, designer of the 50 star flag

Ren Center at night
Ren Center at night, photo by mikesophia

The Saginaw News has a nice feature on Saginaw resident Bob Heft, designer of the 50 star American flag. Heft was the creator of the longest-serving flag in US history and passed away Saturday at the age of 67:

Heft was 17 in 1958 when he received an unusual phone call from an important individual. When the caller asked for Robert G. Heft, the teenager said, “Yes, but you can call me Bob.” He didn’t realize he was speaking with President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Heft’s high school project had been selected by the president to represent the United States of America and the 50-star U.S. flag was born.

Winford said Heft would “beam with pride” because of his work and was a constant inspiration for children. He said he taught them how to follow their dreams.

Heft visited the White House 14 times under nine presidents and toured with Bob Hope.

You can get a little more about Heft from Wikipedia and at, where they relate that his design receieved a B- because it lacked orginality. He did say that he would give Heft a high grade if he could get Congress to accept the design.

Mike says that he loves the flags in front of the Renaissance Center. Check this out bigger and in his Favorite set (slideshow).

One thought on “Remembering Bob Heft, designer of the 50 star flag

  1. Stripes and Stars
    Reality and dreams
    Finite and the infinite
    Earthly and the cosmic
    Present and the future
    Discipline and freedom
    Law and liberty
    One and all
    That is America
    Standing straight and tall
    We salute the Old Glory!


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