Turnip Rock, Port Austin and The Thumb

Turnip Rock, Port Austin, Michigan

Turnip Rock, Port Austin, Michigan, photo by jensenl.

It’s been a while since Michigan in Pictures got out with the incomparable Lars Jensen, for my money one of Michigan’s best outdoor photographers.

His winter visit to The Thumb offers this photo and many more larger and he writes:

Turnip Rock and Kai standing on the “thumbnail” in Michigan’s thumb area. Unfortunately, this area is privately owned so Kai and I skied to it from the harbor at Port Austin (about 2.25 miles away) on Lake Huron. We then skied out to the Port Austin Lighthouse which sits out in the middle of the bay on a shallow shoal (about 2.5 miles from the shores of Port Austin). We saw all sorts of interesting ice formations along the way and had a great time on a cold and blustery day.

Click over to his site for the whole day of photos. Here’s more of Lars Jensen on Michigan in Pictures and I also recommend kicking back for his Michigan slideshow.

PS: Too cold for you? He has summertime photos in Kayaking the Thumb!

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