Pirates of the Caribbean 4 … in Traverse City?

Schooner Morning

Schooner Morning, photo by ETCphoto.

Under the “Is that Johnny Depp behind that moonbeam” heading comes the rumor making the rounds that Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides will film part of the movie in Traverse City, Michigan. Before the Trailer says that they have heard from several sources that the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie will be filming parts in the Traverse City area:

Before dismissing it, for those that have been to Lake Michigan shores in Traverse City, the water and the beaches are as beautiful and crystal clear as any you will find in the Caribbean. It could easily double for any tropical paradise. With Michigan having the best incentives in the country for filming, it would also make sense that producers and filming scouts would consider Traverse City as an ideal location to film parts of Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

While /Film notes that word on the street is that Jerry Bruckheimer is scaling back Pirates 4 to accommodate a smaller budget, /Film’s own Russ Fischer says:

They’ve pretty loudly talked up the deal that has them shooting in Hawaii, where they’ll take advantage of big tax breaks. I know Michigan has its own advantage systems in effect, and the lake there is amazing, but I’d guess it’s a hopeful rumor.

Whatever ends up happening, you have to wonder how long the beautiful Great Lakes of Michigan will go without a starring role in a major Hollywood film.

Terry took this photo of a marina full of schooners at the inaugural Michigan Schooner Festival last September. See it bigger or in his Michigan Schooner Festival slideshow. For many more photos showcasing the beauty of wild Lake Michigan, check out the Sailing Lake Michigan pool.

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