Bop (till you drop) with Bop (harvey)

bop (harvey
bop (harvey), photo courtesy Bop (harvey) Fan Club

Today’s post comes to you under the heading of “What good is your own blog if you can’t feature your favorite band from college when they play a reunion show?”

Bop (Harvey) returns to the East Lansing Art Festival for a 4:45 – 6 PM show today on the main stage. Michigan’s premiere worldbeat band, Bop (harvey), reunites for East Lansing fest on Absolute Michigan quotes longtime Tonight Show & Bruce Springsteen E‐Street Band drummer Max Weinberg:

“Bop (harvey) was the first American band that I had heard successfully integrate American pop, R&B and funk with island and African grooves and form. I flew out to Seattle and was blown away by the power coming off of the stage.” In no time the band was in the studio finishing up “Gitchee Gumee To Me”, their 1992 studio release.

And then the president called. Or to be more accurate, the Clinton campaign team, who were seeking an act to fire up crowds attending various Midwest rallies. The band ended up playing a string of Clinton events, including an election day airport rally, concluding with substantial face‐time with the candidate, who returned the favor by inviting the band to play not one by two events during his inaugural festivities.

Nobody ever said the music industry was kind or predictable, however, and within a few years, Bop decided to hang up their goofy hats and dance groove. Last winter, they played a pair of shows at Rick’s and have launched a mini-tour this summer that takes them to East Lansing, the Kalamazoo Island Fest and maybe one more location.

One thought on “Bop (till you drop) with Bop (harvey)

  1. Where is it written that ska (worldbeat?) bands have to be “wacky” and “zany” in photos? Probably the same book that says that metal bands have to be brooding and angry in photos!


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