100,000 photos in the Absolute Michigan Pool

Can You See Me Now...?(.142/365)

Can You See Me Now…?(.142/365), photo by Sydney Marie Photography.

Sometime over the weekend, the 100,000th photo was added to the Absolute Michigan pool on Flickr.

One hundred thousand.

What an amazing gift you nearly 2400 photographers have shared with Absolute Michigan and Michigan in Pictures over the last four and a half years. Whether it’s dandelions or Detroit Lions, hill sides or mud slides, if it’s Michigan, chances are we have a photo of it.

This is something so big that we really need more than a simple blog post to celebrate it, so we’re announcing the Absolute Michigan Summer Photo Celebration in which we’ll try and give you Absolute Michigan pool photographers as much recognition and as many prizes as we can. Follow us all summer long for themed photo contests, special offers from Michigan businesses and lots of photographic fun!

We’re opening with the Michigan Business Photo Contest for photos that promote Michigan businesses or buying from Michigan businesses.

Check this out bigger and in Sydney’s 365 slideshow.

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