Summer’s here – hope you get a chance to dive in!

Untitled, photo by racheldubbs.

Rachel took this with the awesomely awesome Supersampler camera, hailed the “Queen of all Multi-Lensed Cameras”:

One look at the quirky-looking Supersampler and you know that it’s a camera like no other! This ultra-lightweight, low-maintenance 35mm camera fits perfectly in your hand for spontaneous shooting! Aim the Supersampler at your moving (or non-moving) subject, pull the ripcord, press the tiny button – and voila! You have just “sampled” your subject into four panoramic panels. So how on earth is this possible?! See those four beady eyes nestled in front of its plastic body? Those are the ultra-talented, super-sharp lenses that slice your image into four panels. Results are wickedly cool if your subject is in hyperactive motion, or if you prefer to shoot non-moving objects, you’ll have to do the jumping and moving!

Check it out background bigalicious and don’t miss her supersampler slideshow.

Need more? You’re in luck! Michigan in Pictures has more supersampleration!

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