Miguel Cabrera and your 2010 Detroit Tiger All Stars

Homerun!, photo by Curtnrod

With top vote getter  Justin Morneau of the Twins suffering a concussion, the Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera will start for the American League at first base (batting third) in tonight’s All Star Game. As a reminder, Major League Baseball’s celebration of its superstars actually has meaning – the winner gets home field advantage in the World Series.

Cabrera makes his fifth All-Star appearance in seven seasons, and although he finished second to Morneau with 2,586,207 votes, he’s second in the majors with 20 home runs and 68 RBIs, has a 19 game hitting streak going and is having a great season. In addition to Cabrera, the Tigers Jose Valverde has been named the closer for the game by AL manager Joe Girardi and 11-5 Tiger ace Justin Verlander will be on the team as well. The Tigers roar into the break 25-5 since June 9th and although a loss to the Twins put them 1/2 game out, you have to like their performance so far.

See this photo from Cabrera’s first season as a Tiger bigger in Sam’s Detroit Tigers slideshow and go AL!

2 thoughts on “Miguel Cabrera and your 2010 Detroit Tiger All Stars

  1. I still cannot believe the lack of attention the Tigers receive. Verlander and Cabrera should have been selected from the beginning. Solid players, solid people.


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