Viewing the Northern Lights in Michigan


20100804-DSC_6621, photo by xmatic.

Michigan in Pictures has seen over 10,000 people looking for aurora borealis aka the northern lights in the last two days. The cause of this is a major solar ejection that hit our magnetic environment on Tuesday/Wednesday. The good news is that here’s another plasma cloud on the way. The second wave may have hit last night, but it might hit tonight as well (and even if it doesn’t we may still be able to see some activity).

Most people I know downstate haven’t been able to catch them but xmatic up on the Keweenaw Peninsula got a great series of photos over of the aurora over Lake Superior. Check this out bigger and in xmatic’s northern lights slideshow.

Here’s a photo that Shawn Malone took of the aurora over Marquette Harbor in the Detroit News. Shawn has another photo on Michigan in Pictures and many more on her northern lights page.

Michigan in Pictures has lots more information including What makes the colors of the Northern Lights and information about the “rivers from the sun” that cause the northern lights.

Skywatchers should also mark August 12 for the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower!

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