Black River Falls – Ishpeming, MI

Black River Falls - Ishpeming, MI

Black River Falls – Ishpeming, MI, photo by Odalaigh.

The awesomely awesome has this to say about Black River Falls which are located 8 miles south west of Ishpeming off of Country Road 581 in the Escanaba River State Forest:

The Black River surges through a narrow channel here. When viewed from the front, the falls looks like a plunge, but it actually slides down the rock at a relatively gentle angle. That is fairly typical of the type of waterfalls you find in this rocky country.

…The Black River flows into the Escanaba River, which flows into Lake Michigan, making this waterfall part of Lake Michigan’s watershed. However it is probably much easier to visit while circling Lake Superior than Lake Michigan. It is only about 10 miles off of the Lake Superior Circle Tour. It is over 60 miles off the Lake Michigan Circle Tour.

Check this out background bigalicious and in Charles’ slideshow.

Many more Michigan waterfalls on Michigan in Pictures.

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